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christmas glitter ideas 2022

Christmas Glitter Ideas for 2022

All those glitters might not be gold, but a glorious Christmas tree chock-full of DIY glitter ornaments sure looks stunning in gold glitter! After all, if there’s a time of year meant to shine, it’s the most delightful time of the year, and that particularly goes for homemade ornaments. Regardless of what you already have hanging on your glitter Christmas tree, DIY glitter knick-knacks can only make it shine more luminously. Here is how to turn anything into Christmas glitter:  

Step 1: Take away Ornament Cap

Remove the cap from the adornment and set it apart in a secure place. This will be added again after the ornament is completed and dry.

Step 2: Put in Glue

Add a substantial amount of Clear Glue to the inside of the ornament. You will need sufficient amounts to cover the interior of the ornament.

Step 3: Twirl Glue Around

Grasp the ornament in dissimilar directions to make the glue cover the entire interior of the ornament. Keep in mind to get all the way to the ornament's base. 

christmas glitter ideas

Step 4: Eliminate Additional Glue

Excessive glue inside the ornament will cause the red glitter to become clumpy and not cover the inside pleasantly. Empty any extra glue by placing the ornament in a throwaway cup on its head. 

Step 5: Throw in Glitter

Do away with the ornament from the cup and prudently pour a substantial amount of green glitter or red glitter inside the ornament. Add sufficiently so that it can be whirled around inside the ornament and pleasantly cover the inside. 

Step 7: Eliminate Additional Glitter From the Ornament

As soon as the inside of the ornament is covered with glitter, abandon the extra glitter into a bowl or onto a newspaper. If it's deserted onto a piece of paper, you can channel it back into the glitter bottle, so it's not squandered.

Step 8: Let it Dry and Restore The Cap.

Put the ornament on its side on a bench or other level to allow it to dry. Once the ornament is dry on the interior, restore the cap so the ornament can be suspended on a tree.

Step 9: Beautify Outside Of Glitter Ornament

Beautify the outside of your decoration by adding chunky glitter or stickers or just a small ribbon at the topmost. 


Nearly anything looks lovely on Christmas! You may go for fine or chunky glitter! Any colour you like but especially red, green and gold! It's all about the holiday spirit in the end! 'The Glitter Guy' has an assortment of Christmas supplies that can make it all better!

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