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Misfit Crafter's Supply Kit (Shipping Included!)

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This Supply Kit comes with a slew of crafting different crafting items. The goal is to inspire you to come up with your own unique craft utilizing mainly the options within the box. Use the hashtag #TGGMisfitSupplyCraft in The Glitter Guy Facebook Group and 1 Lucky Winner will be chosen to receive a $150 TGG Gift Card! 

Included In The Box:
  • [1] Temporary Tiger Tattoo
  • [1] Silicone Pouring Cup
  • [1] CCDIY Nice & Thick
  • [1] TGG Acrylic Pouring Oil
  • [1] Craft Crate Cup Chuck
  • [1] Pencil Keychain Blank
  • [1] XL Stir Stick (Random Color)
  • [1] Marabu Alcohol Ink (Random Color)
  • [1] 12 oz Stainless Steel Wine Tumbler
  • [1] TGG Silicone Mat
  • [2] 60mL TGG Glitter Shakers (Random)

OVER $55 In Value!

**The Contest Will Run Until April 30th 2023 and the Winner Will Be Announced May 2nd 2023 During our Tuesday Q&A Live in The Glitter Guy Facebook Group
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