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October 2022 Quack Pack Box - NON SUBSCRIPTION

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Quack Pack Box

October's Quack Pack Box is our bi-monthly subscription box. This listing is NOT A SUBSCRIPTION, it is only the individual listing of October's Quack Pack Box. We have few additional bi-monthly subscriptions spots available for a discounted price HERE.

Inside of This Box:

  • Exclusive Fusion Series Glitter “INFECTED”
  • *NEW Northern Lights Glitter
  • *NEW Patina Glitter
  • Pinkle Glitter
  • Black Silicone "Big Stick" Stir Stick
  • Craft Crate Cup Chuck
  • The Glitter Guy
    • Cup Measuring Tape
    • 5 Decal Pack
    • 3 Pack Stainless Steel Pens
  • Maple Street Supply
    • Shaker Mold
    • 2 Packs of Clay Bits
  • Willy D Emanel Pin
  • Golden Ticket Sticker
  • Willy D Sticker
  • Willy D Magnet
  • TGG Silicone "Big Stick"
  • Willy D VIP Pass w/ Lanyard

Total Box Value Over: $95

Glitter within this box comes filled in 60mL shakers filled to volume.