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Spring Flowers Craft Kit

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SPRING into action this season and get crafty with the Spring Flowers Craft Kit


This Kit Includes:
  • [2] 7" x 7" Whitecast Decal Sheets
  • 50g TGG UV Resin
  • Stainless Steel Plant Spritzer
  • Garden Shovel (Random Color)
  • Flower Vase Mold Kit
  • *BONUS* Pack of Wildflower Seeds
When making the flower vase mold, due to the depth of the mold it is best to pour in 2-3 layers. The mold will take approximately 200ml in total, so 60-70ml/layer. To avoid lines between your layers, pour the next layer once the previous is about 75% cured (ie. if the epoxy you are using takes 4 hours to cure then pour your next layer after 3 hours). Attempting to pour the entire mold without using a deep pour formula can end up in flash cures.

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