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Glitter Colors Guide: Using Gold, Pink, and Other Glitter Colors

Glitter Colors Guide: Using Gold, Pink, and Other Glitter Colors

Whether you’re wrapping a Christmas gift, crafting a welcome sign, or PRIDE, you need to pull off a great look. Besides your creativity and taste, you know that a little sparkle of glitter can breathe so much life into your design.

However, you need to have an answer to a number of questions when it comes to choosing the right glitter color. For instance, what is your design? What is the message? With so many colors, which one can scream that message? We will answer that in our glitter colors guide to help you pick the right color for your design. We’ve chosen seven popular glitter colors.

rainbow glitter

The Popular Seven

We chose pink, gold, rose gold, red, blue, purple, and neon for our glitter colors guide. You’ll learn their meaning and how to incorporate them into your work.

Pink Glitter

Let’s start our glitter colors guide with pink. It is generally related to many positive emotions. The color is cheerful and imaginative, many people associate it with optimism and hope. Pink is similar to yellow in this regard but considerably milder in its warmth. Pink, on the other hand, is a very soothing and pleasant color. You can associate pink with motherhood, caring, or childlike innocence.

Of course, you cannot help but think about love when you see pink. It can be love for a friend, a family member, or a partner. That's why pink glitter is so popular for designing gifts or boxes of sweets on special occasions like Valentine’s Day.

Pink glitter is also a symbol of feminine strength and pride. Therefore, it is often used for signs and banners, mostly regarding women's rights.

Gold Glitter

We can’t skip the color gold in our glitter colors guide. It is named after the valuable metal and is associated with luxury, prosperity, glory, victory, royalty, and prosperity. The color gold has a wide range of meanings, including generosity and compassion, as well as divinity and strength in various religious contexts.

When this beautiful color appears, it reminds people of God’s power and omnipresence. The color gold is associated with the study, meditation, and self-improvement in Hinduism. Golden halos are often seen on Hindu statues. This reflects their boundless intellect and goodness. 

You can use gold glitter to represent the sun or divine light and embellish photo frames or paintings. Besides, gold glitter is a must for Christmas decorations.

Purple Glitter

More than anything else, purple triggers a deep sense of wonder in us. We usually see purple as the main theme, whether it is a divine sky, northern lights, or galaxies far beyond our reach. Therefore, it makes an excellent glitter color for arts and crafts.

It is also a royal color. This dates back to ancient times when the purple dye was highly expensive. That’s why purple glitter looks so beautiful on acrylic/gel nails and tumblers while also being used as a cosmetic item.

Purple is associated with the mystery or the supernatural, which connects it with bravery. For instance, the Purple Heart is one of the biggest awards for valor in US military service.

Rose Gold Glitter

Rose gold symbolizes luxury due to its relationship with the precious metal and widespread use in jewelry. Because gold is a symbol of richness, rose gold is commonly related to style, beauty, and elegance. 

The gentle color of rose gold can also look charming, polished, and serene. Rose gold gives you many options when designing gifts, as it harmonizes with almost any color. Not only does rose gold add life to your bedroom walls, vases, and even birthday balloons, but it can also make personalized invitations even more intimate.

Red Glitter

Red represents many things, all of which are powerful. It represents both romantic love and physical desire. It represents fury, rage, and aggression and is typically associated with danger. Red, while being a color associated with motion and energy, is commonly used to imply “stop.”

Professionally, red draws attention, generates emotion, and conveys confidence. 

It’s probably the most versatile item in our glitter colors guide. If you’re using different colors of glitter, one of them is surely red. Whether you want to create a banner, paint red fruits, create homemade cards, or glass decorations, red glitter is always there. Combined with green, it becomes an indispensable part of the holiday season and is perfect for decorations and ornaments.

Blue Glitter

Blue, another popular option in our glitter colors guide, evokes feelings of peace, serenity, and tranquility. It reminds us of a boundless sky or a beautiful river and induces a sense of calm. The color can also make you feel extremely chill and increase your focus. Plus, it's a legit corporate color because it creates feelings of loyalty, trust, and productivity, which is why so many brands use blue in their logos.

Blue glitter can rival red in terms of functionality because it looks great on everything from a gift box and a door to a painting or a fish tank.

yellow glitter

Neon Glitter

Neon is the last one in our glitter colors guide. It is probably the color closest to that of a rainbow. Neon colors take on some of the characteristics of their complementary colors. While neon pink embodies joy and playfulness, electric blue may seem calming and serene. 

There's nothing like neon glitter to spice up signs, art projects, or furniture. And if it's safe as a cosmetic product, you can apply it to your skin, hair, and nails. But you need to use it moderately because too much color can harm your eyes and head.

Bottom Line

Glitter is incredible. Why? Because it can elevate a simple look to something extraordinary. You can choose any of the above colors in our glitter colors guide (or others) and do wonders with them. 

Just one thing, though. In addition to color, quality is also a crucial factor. With an inferior product, the sparkle won't last long even if you get the color right, and in some cases, it can even have the opposite effect. 

This doesn't mean you've to buy expensive glitter. You just need the right, affordable, mess-free, high-quality product. Luckily, at Glitter Guy, we have a massive collection of glitter, so you've endless options to shop.
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