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Glitter Descriptions ( Collections, Sizes, Cuts )

So you're looking for glitter but keep running into some terms that you might not be too familiar with. The Glitter Guy carries over 315+ varieties of glitter and this page will help you understand which categories are what.

The following are The Glitter Guy's interpretation of each our glitter categories:

Glitter Collections

Hack'd™ Glitter - or more commonly referred to as "Opalescent" glitter, is a semi-translucent craft enhancing glitter.

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The Glitter Guy Features a wide variety of Hack'd Glitter in traditional & non-traditional form, each with unique characteristics that help the colors & designs of your craft show through the glitter to create some jaw-dropping crafts.

Metallic Glitter - has a very stable mirror-like shine. The finish used in this process creates a very basic & pretty reflection of light with no rainbow shine.

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Holographic Glitter - reflects an entire spectrum of light creating a "rainbow" of color. Traditionally used with silver based flakes, The Glitter Guy features 75+ color varieties.

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Color Shifting Glitter - will first appear as one shade of color that "shifts"  to a different color depending on the angle you are viewing it.


High Sparkling Iridescent Glitter - typically is single color based flake with 1 color reflection or sparkle. Different from color shifting or metallic glitter in the sense that color reflection is caused from the shine of the glitter and not the angle in which you are viewing it.

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Rainbow Iridescent Glitter - has a spectrum of color reflections. The colors shown in the reflection can change with each variety to showcase one color more than the other. 

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Pearl Iridescent Glitter - typically has an almost matte glitter flake with a standard iridescent shimmer.

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Neon Matte Glitter - has very bright or "neon" base color with a soft & stable shimmer.

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UV / Ultra Violet Glitter - will change color when the glitter is charged with a UV light source.

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Glitter Cuts & Sizes

Here at The Glitter Guy we sell standard hexagonal cuts in variable sizes, dot cuts, shape cuts, and some amazing irregular cuts.

Ultra Fine Cut Glitter - is defined as .002, 1/500 or 0.05 millimeters.

Fine Cut Glitter - is defined as .010, 1/96 or a .3 millimeter flake size.

Medium Cut Glitter - is defined as 0.025 - 0.040, 1/40 - 1/24 or a 0.6 - 1 millimeter flake size.

Chunky Mix Glitter - is a variably sized mix of hexagonal cuts. Each shaker contains both large and smaller flakes.

Dot Cut Glitter - All current TGG glitter dots feature a variable sized dot cut mix. Each shaker contains both large and smaller dots.

Shape Cut Glitter - is pretty self explanatory. The Glitter Guy carries multiple varieties of fun Shape Cut glitter flakes. 

Shredded / Irregular Cut Glitter - is where each glitter flake has an irregular cut pattern. This process creates a shredded or "shattered" appearance for a truly unique craft.