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Glitter Bingo Rules / How To Play

Glitter Bingo from The Glitter Guy

1. Order 5 or more different glitter shakers from TGG between 04/07/22 - 04/10/22. 

2. Only orders from between the selected dates are eligible to win.

3. View our live videos on our FB Business Page to play along on 04/08/22 (1pm est) and 04/11/22 (1pm est).

4. Keep track of each glitter name being called. Once you have 5 of the glitter names called directly in your order, comment “BINGO!” along with your order number (so we can validate).

More Rules: To win, all 5 glitter shakers must be on an individual order (no combining). The only way to win is to watch, play, and comment on the live video.

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