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Glitter For Interior Paint

Highest Rated Quality Glitter For Best Results

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Glitter For Interior Paint

The Glitter Guy features over 150 glitters specially formulated for use with interior paint. You can easily add shimmer to an accent wall, furniture, or even an entire room.

We only carry the highest rated quality glitter (yes, there is an actual quality rating for glitter).

"Ready to Paint" by simply mixing the desired amount into any interior paint.

How To Use Glitter For Interior Paint

Choose Glitter Flake Size

If you're looking to add a dash of shimmer to paint, it's best to use our ultra fine cut glitter (.008 cut size). If you're looking for a dramatic glittered surface, use a larger cut size glitter (0.010 mm, 0.025 mm, 0.040 mm).

Mix Glitter & Paint

Mix in small increments of glitter to your paint at first. Be sure to test your paint on spare material as you mix. Test paint strokes allow you to arrive at your desired amount of sparkle content without oversaturating your paint.

Best Universal Glitter For Interior Paint

If you're looking to add a shimmer effect without changing your paint color, "Twinkl" is by far the best match. This specially formulated paint additive will add a subtle holographic sparkle to any substance it's mixed with.