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How To: Measure and Hang Peel & Stick Wallpaper

Frequently Asked Questions When Purchasing Wallpaper
  1. How do I measure my wall?
  2. How many panels will I need to cover my wall?
  3. How do I line up the edges of my wallpaper panels?

Step 1: Measuring Your Wall

  1. With a tape measure, start from on end of the wall and measure in inches the wall you intend to cover. (Note: Ignore any doors or windows)
  2. Next, measure the height of the wall from ceiling to floor in inches. (Note: Standard ceiling heights are roughly 96")

Step 2: Calculating Quantity of Panels Needed

  • The Glitter Guy's Peel & Stick Wallpaper Panels comes in standard 20" Wide Rolls.
  • When applying Peel & Stick Wallpaper, 1" of Overlap must be accounted for.
  • To find the number of panels needed, divide the width of your wall in inches by 19 to allow for 1" overlap (ie. 10' Wall: 120" Wall ÷ 19" Panel = 6.32 or 7 Panels
  • If the number of panels comes out to a fraction then you must round up to the next number or you'll end up with a blank strip on your wall! 
  • As for height, TGG's Peel & Stick Wallpaper Panels come in 3 standard height options: 8.25', 10.25' & 12.25'. (Note: Custom Length are available at request)

Step 3: Installing & Lining up Edges of Wallpaper Panels

  1. Measure your wall and with a level, draw a vertical line down the center of your wall in pencil.
  2. Lay your wallpaper panels at the base of the wall where they'll be installed.
  3. With a helper, take your first panel and line the right edge up with the drawn center line. (Note: It is imperative to get your first panel perfectly straight to be sure the remaining panels follow suit)
  4. Leave an equal amount of excess between the ceiling and floor.
  5. Remove the backing from the top down and with the cloth end of your squeegee, work out any bubbles or wrinkles fanning from the center out.
  6. After the first panel is installed, unroll the next panel to the right and utilize and sharp lines in the pattern to line them up. The new panel should overlap the installed panel by roughly 1".
  7. Once you're at the last panel, measure the distance needed and trim down the width of your panel within 2 inches. (ie. 11" Gap = Trim 7" from Panel width leaving 13" remaining)
  8. When all panels are installed, take a sharp razor and use your squeegee as a guide to cut a straight edge along your trim (or floor/ceiling) and inside/outside corners.

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