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Chameleon Series Mica Powder - Mica Phelps

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Chameleon/Color Shifting Mica Powder

What is Chameleon/Color Shifting Mica Powder?:

 A shiny, sparkly powder made from grinding natural stone minerals down...kinda like glitter powder! Sometimes refered to as chameleon pigment or color shift mica, this powder will appear to change color depending on the angle in which they are viewed. They can be used to give a metallic, pearl, or shimmery effect to a number of crafts and mediums.

Chameleon Pigment/Color Shift Mica Uses:

  • Cosmetics (makeup, nail art, etc.)
  • Soaps
  • Resin Crafts (molds, tumblers, jewelry, etc.)
  • Bath Bombs
  • Clear Coats (marine, auto, etc.)

Color Profile:

  • Metallic/Holographic Shine
  • Blue Color Base
  • Blue/Green/Purple Shimmer
Packaged in 5g jars
1 Review
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