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Iridescent Series Mica Powder - Cherry Ice

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Iridescent White with Red Shimmer Mica Powder

What is Mica Powder?:

 A shiny, sparkly powder made from grinding natural stone minerals down...kinda like glitter powder! They can be used to give a metallic, pearl, or shimmery effect to a number of crafts and mediums.

Chameleon Pigment/Color Shift Mica Uses:

  • Cosmetics (makeup, nail art, etc.)
  • Soaps
  • Resin Crafts (molds, tumblers, jewelry, etc.)
  • Bath Bombs
  • Clear Coats (marine, auto, etc.)

Color Profile:

  • White with Red Shimmer
  • Packaged in 5g & 28 jars.
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