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Sassy Nurse | 40oz Tumbler Wrap - Ink Transfers

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Original price $5.00 - Original price $9.00
Original price $9.00
$5.00 - $7.00
Current price $5.00
Sassy Nurse Print 40oz Tumbler Wraps
  • Pre-sized for MOST 40oz Tumblers
  • Made in USA
  • Printed with top shelf UV Ink
  • Handwash Only
Application Tips & Tricks:
  • Thoroughly clean intended surface removing any oils or residue
  • Squeegee transfer before to be sure entire graphic is adhered to carrier sheet
  • CAREFULLY apply your transfer taking note of positioning 
  • *Once It's On - It's On* these transfers CANNOT be removed or repositioned
  • From center, squeegee any bubbles or wrinkles outwards
  • Once flat, give the entire graphic a good vigorous rub helping promote adhesion of your transfer
  • Slowly peel your carrier sheet away being sure that all parts of the graphic have been applied
  • If any areas stick to the carrier sheet, press back down onto your surface and give it another good rub until the graphic is completely transferred
  • Elements of the Transfer can be applied without applying entire wrap
  • TGG IS NOT responsible for failed applications

    Ink Transfer (UV DTF)

    Level up your customization game with The Glitter Guy's revolutionary Ink Transfer (UV DTF) Options! Forget limitations – DTF printing lets you unleash your creativity on a mind-blowing range of surfaces, from mugs and phone cases to tumblers and sneakers. Imagine your designs – logos, artwork, even photos – coming to life in vibrant color and intricate detail, all thanks to UV curing technology that creates unmatched durability.

    Why choose The Glitter Guy for your Ink Transfer needs? We're obsessed with quality, using only premium materials and cutting-edge printers to ensure your designs stay looking sharp. Our expert team meticulously handles every step, from design prep to printing and finishing, guaranteeing a flawless end product. Plus, we offer a range of sheet sizes and turnaround times to keep your project on track.

    So ditch the limitations of traditional printing and embrace the magic of Ink Transfers with The Glitter Guy. Experience unbeatable turnaround times, exceptional customer service, and the thrill of seeing your creations come to life in stunning detail – all at an incredible price. Get ready to customize anything and everything with The Glitter Guy's Ink Transfers!

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