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Wonder Glitter- La Brea

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Wonder Glitter:

All that glimmers is not always gold, sometimes it’s glitter!   
Wonder glitter is sustainably and ethically sourced raw materials that are 92% plastic free bio-degradable glitter. It is indistinguishable from PET glitter. Safe for the environment and safe to add to crafts for a perfect sparkle finish!

La Brea Glitter Use:

Crafts, Screen Printing, Paper and Board Printing, Flower and Tree Coating... And MORE!

Product Details: ­ 

  • Type: Bio-degradable
  • Color: Black
  • Cut Size: 0.015 or 1/64 (FINE-ISH)
  • Material: Natural Coating and Cellulose core derived from hardwoods
  • Shaker Size:  
  • Amount Per Shaker:  
  • Grade: 
  • Toxicity: Non-Toxic 
  • UV Resistant: Yes 
  • Heat Resistant: 
  • Solvent Resistant: Not Resistant to Acid or Alkali
  • Clump Rating: Clump Free 

Compliant with EN71 Toy Safety Regulations
OK Biodegradable WATER Certified
Adhers to PEFC standards

La Brea is black fine-ish cut (0.015 or 1/64) wonder glitter. 
La Brea comes in mL shaker which fills g.* 

All our shakers are filled to volume.

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